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About me

I have been a beat maker for 15 years. My main inspiration to start beat production was Gang Starr, especially DjPremier. Along the line groups like Mobb Deep and the Wu Tang Clan influenced my creative processes.

Royalty-free & exclusive instrumentals

If you want beats for your own production, but you don't want the hassle, I've got good news for you. Purchase an instrumental from this site, and it's yours. Use it in commercial album production, go make money with the track, without paying royalties afterwards.

You'll see a lot of sites selling beats for $29 or less - make no mistake, these are lease-prices for non-exclusive rights. This means these beats are sold over and over, to anyone. I only sell exclusive rights, royalty-free.

How it works

It's really simple. Once you've purchased a beat, it's yours. No royalties or hassle, use it on your album and sell it! You get a certificate along with the audio files stating that the beat is now your property.
You get exclusive rights, so after purchase I will take the beat off the site. For non-exclusive rights please contact me via this page.


Prices on this site are for beats 'as they are'. Contact me for rates if you want customizations or editing.


All beats are shipped as wav or high-quality mp3 download. Most beats can also be delivered in multi-track so your studio engineer can get the most out of it.

Buy beats with Bitcoin

I fully support and endorse the new crypto-currency BitCoin. If you have BitCoins and want to pay with these, please contact me first. My BitCoin address is 1KNKGs31ehUCE8JiiJRNiRgvVfQ7bEuEmf

Start your tour

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Other projects

I am also the developer of SkyStudioPro, a freeware time-lapse application for the Windows® platform. And of course my personal blog is located at www.djsadhu.com
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All instrumentals have been shortened and rendered in 120kbs mp3 for preview purposes.
Original projects are in 44.1KHz 16-bit wave, most in multi-track.
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